Privacy policy 

When you enroll as a user in you will be asked for certain information like: Name, surname, country, region, city, gender, birth date, e-mail address, e.t.c. Pepeyoyo abides by the Greek legislation and the N.2472/1997 law concerning the protection of one's personal data. The information the customer provides us with, is not revealed to third parties and in no way published or taken advantage of. 

The information is solely used for:

1 )fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the partial services.

2) supporting the customers with further information regarding our creative team.

3) giving news regarding new offers and products. 

Pepeyoyo can publish some personal information of its customers in the following circumstances:

1 )when we have our customers condolence for this act.

2 )if the law or court order or any other power of the state, demands it. 

Read the relative legislation  here

Using services means that you fully accept all of these terms. 





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