Privacy policy  

When you enroll as a user in you will be asked for certain information like: Name, surname, country, region, city, gender, birth date, e-mail address, e.t.c. Pepeyoyo abides by the Greek legislation and the N.2472/1997 law concerning the protection of one's personal data. The information the customer provides us with, is not revealed to third parties and in no way published or taken advantage of.

The information is solely used for:

1 )fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the partial services.

2) supporting the customers with further information regarding our creative team.

3) giving news regarding new offers and products.

Pepeyoyo can publish some personal information of its customers in the following circumstances:

1 )when we have our customers condolence for this act.

2 )if the law or court order or any other power of the state, demands it. 

Read the relative legislation here. 

Ways and terms of paying. 


You can pay for your order with the following ways. 

if you have a credit card then you can pay for your order:

1. via paypal (if you have a credit card it isn't necessary to create a paypal account)

2.via Alpha Bank, with online payment (soon) 

if you prefer paying cash, you can do this by using the following ways:

   a) via paypal (you can easily and quickly create a paypal account that you can connect with your own banking account)

   b) with cash on delivery. You can choose this way, in the process of paying for your order. You will give the final redemption amount of your order to the courier you have chosen.

   c) making a deposit on a bank account. You can choose this way in the process of paying for your order. Contact us at 210 3236880 to place your order or send us an e-mail at, giving your name, address and telephone number and we will contact you. 

We accept your order, therefore the payment, when all the items you have ordered have passed all stages of construction and are absolutely ready and in the best condition for sending them to you. In case your order cannot be made, due to our responsibility, we don't accept it and therefore we don't take your money .For any questions regarding payment, please contact us at 0030 210 3236880 or 0030 210 3212171,

from 10:00 to 18:00 Local Greek time,

everyday except Sundays. 

You can cancel or change your order, in less then 24 hour time from the time you have ordered. If that happens, you will have to inform us immediately at 210 3236880 or e-mail us at, to take a canceling confirmation. If your order is already in the mail, then your cancelation cannot be accepted. You can return any item after taking into consideration the terms described in the chapter “ Returning items”.


“Returning items” 

In case you wish to return the items you ordered, for any reason, you can do that in 10 days time from the day of delivery. For us to accept the returned items, the following conditions must apply.

  1. The jewelry you ordered must be in the exact condition you have received them.
  2. You have contacted and informed us for that action.
  3. Whatever comes with the jewelry in the package we sent, like wrapping, paper, receipt, e.c.t.
  4. You will be charged for the courier to sent the items back to us, with one of the following courier companies:

                                     “Geniki Taxydromiki”

The costumer has all responsibility for the returned items. Pepeyoyo has no responsibility for any loss or damage of the product during the time of return. In case one of the above conditions for returning items isn't valid, we cannot accept them back and they will be returned to the costumer, his charge.

We will refund your money in 30 days time from the day you return your order to us.

In case the items you have ordered and received are faulty, please contact us at 210 3236880 or e-mail us at and we will replace it without any further charge. 


Prices of the products include all taxes. Prices can change without further notice and are valid for the time that appear at

Using services means that you fully accept all of these terms. 





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